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Sometimes it is not possible to get to the top of the search engine rankings quickly enough or you may be offering a product that is outside your usual target market. In these cases, it may be useful to utilize our affordable Chicago PPC agency to create and manage a targeted PPC advertising campaign for your online business using Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads).

Pay per click advertising, or sponsored search, is an effective part of a complete web marketing plan for any size businesses. Advertising with our Chicago PPC agency delivers targeted traffic and conversions and will yield results faster than organic search engine optimization. Google Ads or Bing ads are the links that you see in the “Sponsored Links” section of Google. You do not pay for these advertisements on a normal rate-by-ad basis, but you pay a fee each time somebody actually clicks on your advertisement to get to your website.

Successful pay-per-click advertising programs offer incredible revenue and brand-building opportunities. It is important that your pay-per-click campaigns are managed properly in order to stop you from overpaying for your ad and to ensure that your advertisement is listed as high as possible and for as long as possible. Our Chicago PPC campaign management team will set up and manage your pay per click campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget. Our core focus is to expand our clients’ campaigns, drive quality targeted traffic that will foster conversions and increase revenue, while decreasing the cost per acquisition.

We’ve helped a variety of businesses succeed with paid ads to meet their goals such as local businesses to ecommerce in both B2C and B2B. From startups to small business to mature brands, we can help increase sales and generate more qualified leads targeted specifically to your ideal customer. Whatever your business goals are, we’re here to help you achieve them with transparent reporting and ROI powered by data and smart decisions.

  • Google Ads Setup – Allow our PPC experts to set up your Google Ads campaign for you and optimize it within your specified budget. We will ensure that your campaign is set up within your target market so that you don’t waste your budget on unwanted click-throughs that do not convert to sales. New account creation includes the following:

    • Create ad accounts (Google and/or Bing) and integrate with Google Analytics.
    • Create Merchant Center account and integrate with products for ecommerce businesses.
    • Perform keyword research based on business, competition, keyword volume and negative keywords.
    • Create ad campaigns based on business goals: Search, Shopping, Display, Remarketing.
    • Create ad copy, ad extension for each campaign, add keywords.
    • Create sale, lead and goal conversions for orders, phone calls, contact us, form sign ups, etc.
    • Manage account for optimization for the first 3 – 5 weeks then review performance.
  • Ongoing Google Ads Pay Per Click Management – Optionally, we can monitor your campaign’s success on an ongoing basis and modify it accordingly. It is essential that you continually monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns to ensure that your budget is appropriate, that competitors are not outbidding you and that your ad is showing in the right places at the right times. Ongoing monthly management includes the following:

    • Review all ad copy and improve the poorest performing ads with A/B testing.
    • Review keywords: search terms for new additions to campaigns, block unwanted keywords and add more combinations of match types.
    • Look for new opportunities based on data to create new campaigns for best performing keywords, ads, sales, and leads.
    • Review impression share for top of page listings vs competition.
    • Review Audience lists to determine growth to then enable Remarketing Display ads.
    • Provide monthly reporting for ad performance and if desired, bi weekly or monthly calls.
  • Google Ads Account Audits – We can provide in depth audits if you have ongoing campaigns and want to have them reviewed for optimization and new opportunities. We provide a high level overview and then break down the areas for improvement and summarizing an action plan. We can also implement the updates we provide in the audit report to you as well. Account audits include the following:

    • Review all ad campaign settings and ad structure.
    • Review conversions, goals and bid strategy for accuracy and sales reporting.
    • Review campaign ad copy, ad extensions, keywords and negative keywords.
    • Detailed action plan for each type of campaign and where to make the updates.
    • Action plan includes suggestions for improvements and what may be hurting ad performance.

Google Ads Ecommerce Campaign Performance:

ecommerce ad campaign performance example

Paid Search Advertising Dashboard Includes:

  • Ability to export PPC campaign reports.

  • Monitor Cost Per Click and avg. CPC for keywords.

  • View keyword impressions.

  • Track website conversions.

  • View website analytics for campaigns.


Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

When it comes to search, deciding whether to dedicate budget to organic search efforts (SEO) or paid search efforts (PPC) is not easy. The right answer depends on a variety of factors including audience behavior, available budget, and your organization’s marketing goals. See the chart below for the basic differences.

organic traffic versus paid traffic

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